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Auset Pacific 
12/6-7 Funda Place,
New South Wales 2100 
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postal: , , Australia.
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 Built in a day to last the century…

Product range of prefabricated timber homes, customised timber panels and structures to suit clients own designs for one and two story home building.

·        The latest technology and best materials used

·        Sandwich external and internal walls are built in SMALL and/or LARGE PANEL system, joined to make strong and compact structure

·        Lightweight, affordable, insulated, highly energy efficient

·        High quality timber doors and windows (thermal insulated glass) painted and fitted in factory

Fast to build, 4 tradesmen for 3 weeks, small crane

Healthy living in healthy house

Our advantages are healthy and sustainable construction, fast setup, environmentally friendly materials.

·        Save land – 10% increased building area utilization compared with brick wall

·        Save energy – 50% less compared with brick wall

·        Save water – 90% savings due to dry operation

·        Save material – 90% of materials are recycle materials

·        Durability – structure is safe for 80 years

·        Superior structural integrity

·        Production in a controlled environment with quality control verified

·        Building materials protected from the elements

·        Implementation of the best sound and thermal insulation for both internal and external walls

·        Building panels are fitted with high quality laminated timber doors and windows, delivered with double glazed - thermal insulating glass

·        Electrical trunks and plumbing pipes come fitted inside building panels

·        Roof structure trusses completed in factory

·        Significantly reduced construction time and cost

·        No waste produced during assembly stage

·        Reduced loss caused by vandalism and pilferage of materials at the site

·        Significantly reduced carbon footprint

·        Low maintenance, long lasting product

·        Earthquake, wind and H2 termite resistance

Suitable for all kinds of climates

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