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Avantgarde Homes 
E1 Jetstream, 5Grevillea Place, Brisbane Airport, QLD,
Queensland 4007 
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postal: , , Australia.
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Who Are Avantgarde Homes.....?

Avant-Garde - (noun)
The Advance group in any field



In 2009 Brisbane Luxury Homes launched their premier brand, Avantgarde. The name reflected the ideals and aspirations of a handpicked group of individuals assembled from with the Design & Build Industry.  

Further system developments in 2010 resulted in Avantgarde Homes becoming Australia's first zero defect at handover builder. The concept is not new and has been attempted in both Wales and the US with varying degrees of success. However, the paperless ACRIS (Advanced Construction Resource Integration System) implemented by Avantgarde Homes in late 2009 has been expanded to enable defect rectification to improve by 24 days enabling 100% complete homes to be handed over to clients. 

Avantgarde Homes continues to grow it's reputation within the industry by regularly updating standard inclusions and developing new construction techniques that save both time and money onsite. State of the art automation coupled with an exceptional standard of detail for all documentation enables increased levels of productivity for each employee. These savings have enabled a strategy of inclusion upgrades coupled with operating margin reduction enabling a high quality product to emerge without the associated increase in cost to the client.

All of Avantgarde inclusions are reviewed every 13 weeks to ensure design, quality and value is being delivered in line with the discerning client's expectations. All components are price monitored to ensure clients never pay more than they need to.

Avantgarde Homes do not recruit from the Project Home Industry. Only applicants who can demonstrate a proven track record in either Commercial or Design & Build are considered for any position within the company. An in house designer is employed which enables faster turnaround on drawings as well as a far higher standard of work.

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