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Building Ethics Australia (BEA) promotes quality, fairness and honesty in building.

The BEA logo gives the stamp of approval to builders who are prepared to do more than the rest.

These “BEA Builders” have a proven record of excellence and continually strive for quality in the industry.

They are expected to treat their clients fairly, demonstrate good building practice and are proud of their industry.

BEA’s inspection requirements provide Homeowners a unique quality assurance program not found elsewhere.

By selecting a BEA approved builder, Homeowners can now build with peace of mind.

Builders, why would I join BEA?

Best in the Industry

When you become accredited with BEA you will be identified as one of the industry's best builders.

BEA monitors and works with you to ensure you stay ahead of the rest.

Because of the independent involvement of BEA homeowners will choose you ahead of other builders.

As a direct result of being identified as being the best our Warranty/Indemnity insurer will not restrict your turnover, job sizes or require your assets to be put on the line.

Financial freedom

BEA builders are not required to put up security to access warranty/indemnity insurance.

BEA’s unique prequalification check and ongoing monitoring of our builders has enabled the insurance company to measure builders on their ability.

This allows BEA builders the freedom to implement their financial and legal advisors advice without the need to consider any impact on their insurance.

Many of our builders have enjoyed significant financial freedoms that would not be available to them without BEA.

By Builders for Builders

Deal with real Builders. BEA was developed by builders for builders.

We work with you because we built for many years and experienced the issues surrounding a building business first hand.

We have extensive experience from running our own building companies.

It is from this background that you can deal with someone who knows what it is like to be a builder.

We support builders who do the right thing by their clients and the industry.

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