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Concrete Shield 
4/34-36 Ralph Street,
New South Wales 2015 
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Concrete Shield is a water-oil based sealer which is completely bio-degradable and odourless.  A mixture of oil distillates and hydrophobic agents creates a water and dirt repellent, protected surface without any change to the original texture, appearance or slip resistance of that treated surface.  Mould and algae growth is heavily reduced, thus avoiding discolouration.

Rigorous testing has proven that Concrete Shield reduces salt attack up to 89%, however still retaining a vapour transmission (steam permeability) of 74%.

To our knowledge, there is no other product, Sealer/Impregnator available in the market which stand up to such high performance standards in the 3 most critical aspects of any sealer: Salt Attack, Vapour Transmission and Water Repellency... 

ITC has developed the Concrete Shield Sealer to be a highly effective, user-friendly product which is fast and easy to apply on Concrete, Pavers, Brick-Work, Travertine or Sandstone.  No special application technique is required, simply saturate the surface either by spraying or rolling on. 

Concrete Shield leaves no residue whatsoever, only ONE application is required 

There is no further steps involved in the sealing process other than to allow that surface to cure/dry under natural conditions.  This makes the product highly economical and cost effective.

Concrete Shield Surface Sealer

§         Concrete Shield for Concrete

§         Concrete Shield for Pavers

§         Concrete Shield for Brick-Work

§         Concrete Shield for Travertine

§         Concrete Shield for Porous Stone

§         Concrete Shield for Porous Mineral Surfaces

§         Concrete Shield for Sandstone

§         Concrete Shield for Timber and Hard-Woodhighly   economical and cost effective.

Concrete Shield Sealer Benefits

  • PROTECTS – Deep penetration which offers effective long term protection
  • INVISIBLE - surfaces looks and feels the same after application with no residual effect post application
  • ECONOMICAL - reduces cleaning time and effort along with maintenance costs
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – Nanotechnology with Enhanced protection against oil, grease and water
  • LONG LASTING - one application is all that is required for long term surface protection
  • Environmentally Friendly – Biodegradable, neutral smelling 

Concrete Shield nanotechnology sealer for porous stone and mineral surfaces from NanoCoat will offer superior performance and exceptional quality wherever applied. 


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