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FLiP Home Industrial Furniture 
59 Rene St,
Queensland 4566 
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postal: , , Australia.
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 Buying furniture can be a stressful experience. Trudging through the major furniture stores, everything seems to blend into each other. It can be so hard to find something unique that allows you to express your personality.

Thank goodness for FLiP Home.

FLiP Home is a furniture store that walks to a different beat. FLiP Home focuses on industrial furniture and homewares that are quirky, unique and chic. When you come and explore the ranges of furniture at FLiP Home you will realise that furniture shopping does not have to be stress, but it can actually be fun.

FLiP Home has travelled through various sections of the world to gather homewares and outdoor furniture that screams with personality. If you have been looking for artworks or homewares to put your stamp of personality into your home or office, then you are going to love FLiP Home.

FLiP Home has an online store that makes online shopping easy. It is easy to navigate, easy to explore and the purchasing and shipping procedures have been streamlined, so it really is a stress free experience. FLiP Home also has a showroom in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast if you are in the area.

FLiP Home – making furniture shopping a joy.



Furniture Buying Tips

Insist on good quality – Well designed and constructed furniture is not necessarily more expensive, but it will last a lot linger than poorly constructed furniture. All FLiP Home furniture has been designed and constructed to blend durability and style.

Choose furniture easy to clean – Furniture that is well used needs to be cleaned more often. Make sure that the furniture that you choose is easy to maintain and clean. FLiP Home furniture is low-maintenance and easy to clean.



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