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New England Cedar Homes Australia 
1838 David Low Way,
Queensland 4573 
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 All New England Cedar Homes are a testament to the durability and beauty of western red cedar, and to your dream of custom built cedar home. Our building systems include Post and Beam Homes and the Classic Cedar Log Home system.

Post & Beam homes from New England Cedar Homes are designed with flexibility in mind. The structural strength of your post beam construction home comes from sturdy posts positioned around the exterior shell and roof beams spanning the structure.


Featuring large open vaulted spaces, posts supporting overhead beams made of West Coast Douglas Fir, allow for the creation of walls of glass making this truly the most beautiful home building system you could ever own.

The posts and beams are spaced 2m apart which maximizes the ratio of space to cost and provides optimum design spaces for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms as well as spaces for larger doors and windows. This system allows for expansive living spaces and high ceilings not restricted by traditional framing and load bearing walls.

Exterior siding such as Western Red Cedar applied as vertical shiplap or smooth pattern complement the strong lines of the post and beam form. Interior walls may be finished with optional drywall, cedar available in a variety of paneling patterns, or any custom material you select. The open beam ceilings can be of decking, paneling, or drywall (all optional).


And, as in all our homes window and door trim is beautiful, clear kiln-dried cedar.

The New England Cedar Homes Post & Beam home. A combination of materials and spaces with unlimited possibilities. The strength and drama of the post beam building system can fit any neighbourhood or habitat.

Building packages from New England Cedar Homes are tailored to help you control the cost of your custom built cedar home plan, while being able to enjoy the natural attributes of solid cedar - exceptional durability, insulating qualities, and resistance to termites and decay.

Daily luxury, lifetime beauty. The natural wonders of fragrant, fine-grained cedar come through in its radiance, warm range of colors and velvety finish, all which make it a daily pleasure in any of our cedar homes.

Taking the extra step. By kiln-drying the lumber for our homes to reduce and control moisture content, we also decrease the chance for twisting and warping that often occurs with green lumber. Kiln-drying also reduces the weight while increasing strength, making your construction easier and freight costs lower, and ensuring the strength of our homes.

Quality control counts. From the forest to the building site, our strict quality control standards and grading system begin where industry standards end. All of our homes have quality designed in, not tacked on.

Whether you want the grace of a Post and Beam Home, or the rustic charm of a Cedar Log Home, you will always receive first quality service and support. Your peace of mind is important to us and New England Cedar Homes will deliver your dream home with integrity.



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