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Unit 34, 49-51 Mitchell Road, Brookvale NSW 2100,
New South Wales 2100 
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a-type platform lift

from manufacture to installation our
A-Type lift is totally flexible

a favourite among architects and engineers with its high quality and flexible construction, the A-Type platform lift fits well into all types of environment. This platform lift includes a free-standing enclosure in your chosen RAL colour. Alternatively, a glazed or stainless steel finish is available. The A-Type has a maximum travel of 12 metres and 5 stops.


with its elegant controls and call-stations incorporated within the lift shaft,
it is designed to give less able persons, including the visually impaired,
ease of use.

no pit required

this lift can be installed direct to the floor, which means no expensive costs
for excavation.

no machine room

as the control system is incorporated within the shaft, there is no need for a separate machine room.

safety first

all extreme edges of the platform have movable safety edges which immediately stop the lift when touched. The speed is limited and the
control system is hold-to-run type. It is equipped with an emergency stop
and alarm device.


stylish and reliable solution

The B-Type can also be installed both internally and externally, travelling a maximum of 2m. With its open design covered by toughened and laminated glazed panels, it provides a stylish and reliable platform lift solution.

no pit required

the B-type platform lift doesn’t require a pit as the platform lift comes with an internal ramp.


Both stle lifts allow easy access to the platform with either 2 half saloon doors or a single hinged door. Control buttons are easy to handle for the operator with hold-to-run operation.

safety first

safety is of the utmost importance for the open type platform lift. A safety plate covers the whole underside of the platform, if the plate is touched the lift
stops immediately.



straight and curved stairs, fitted effortlessly

our stylish stairlift models are fully automatic with electronically controlled platforms and barrier arms. The platform and arms neatly fold away on a smooth operating rail when not in use, leaving the maximum width of the stairway for pedestrians, creating the ideal low-rise solution.

rapid installation

the platform stairlift can be either floor or wall mounted and installed within two days by our fully qualified installation engineers. The only requirement is a dedicated single-phase power supply.

safety first

all extreme edges of the platform have movable safety edges which immediately stop the lift when touched.


a shining example of elegant style
and performance

our E-Type range is formed of two stylish platform lifts capable of travelling a maximum of 1m. This low rise lift blends in and can be easily installed into any environment.


this low rise lift’s look and adaptability make it a winner with architects.

rapid installation

with almost no exception, the E-Type range can be installed, tested, commissioned and handed over within a single day.

safety first

all extreme edges of the E-Type low rise platform lift have movable safety edges which immediately stop the lift when touched. Bellows prevent access to the underside of the lift when in the up position

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