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Twista Roof Vents 
PO BOX 231,
New South Wales 1890 
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postal: , , Australia.
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What are the benefits of roof vents?

Cool in Summer - Is your home unbearably hot in the now common heat waves that have been plaguing the East Coast of Australia? As hot air builds up in the roof space, unventilated roofs reach extremely high temperatures, which transfers through your ceiling into your property. Roof vents effectively remove heated air from your roof cavity. The hot air is extracted from your roof space, which will reduce the temperature of your home, office or factory.

Dry in Winter - If your property does not have adequate ventilation during winter, moisture will gradually build up, which can lead to mould and wood-rot issues. Unless the moisture is removed from the air, mould will keep coming back no matter how often you clean it. Roof vents prevent mould growth by promoting fresh moving air throughout your house and extracting moist air. 

Environmentally friendly - Roof vents keep your property cool in Summer, and dry in Winter, without the need for electricity. Reduce your energy costs by using environmentally friendly roof vents.

Why choose a Twista roof vent?

As one of Australia's leading roof vent producers, the team at Twista know how to create a product that will more than meet the highest of expectations. By only using the highest grade materials Twista is able to manufacture industrial strength roof vents in their Sydney factory.

Twista industrial roof vents come with a 25-month warranty.

Call Twista today on 1300 888 151 or visit the company website at

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