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WOODS MODELS is a family business driven by Clyde Woods. Clyde first began building models during his Architectural Studies at a time when everything was done by hand. Clyde's years of experience in the design development side of architecture led him to focus on the model making process, he then set up and ran a Modelmaking / Architectural design company for many years in South Africa.

Clyde later worked for a leading Model making company in Australia learning the art of manufacturing models with the assistance of laser cutters.

The combination of techniquess evolved from hand crafted models and laser technologies will be applied to all our future work.

Our Services Include:

The different types of models we build are - Architectural, Interior and Topographical. The level of detail could be conceptual, presentational or full marketing models.

We offer advice on the scale of your project.

We offer price packages for multiple models.

We offer the opportunity to add building and feature lighting.

Clear acrylic covers or protective side panels.

Stainless steel handrail surround for the models.

Purpose made stands or podiums to match your office or display centre.

Reasons to build a model:

Communication Tool - A well-built model is a functional and informative tool that can answer questions and solve potentialproblems. Revisions can be made saving developers time and money before the real building project begins.

Project Inspection - Models can be reviewed by all decision makers. If changes or additions are needed on the project, the costs of these changes are much less before building construction begins than during construction. Models pay for themselves many times over for this reason.

Review - A model can help people understand a complex project in minutes. Time is more a factor in sales today than ever before.

Fund Raising - Investors might want to see where their money is going, a model can show that in an easy to follow format.

Model Uses - Effective marketing tools for Trade Shows, Board Rooms, Public Display, Sales Office, Presentation, Advertising, Sales/Leasing, Preconstruction Mock Ups, Conventions & Pulic Relations.

Summary - A scaled model is a great effective communication tool between the viewer and those involved in the planning and development stages. A scaled 3-dimentional model speaks a language which can be instantly understood at a single glance.

Quotes - Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We are happy to quote off Sketch Plans and Images.

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